diving socks

Diving Socks - Thermal Protection for Your Feet

Protect the extremities. That’s what one of the Arctic or Antarctic explorers said, and it's true that if your feet get cold on a dive, concentration can waver and an otherwise fantastic dive can be marred by discomfort. From Finsocks, designed to alleviate the rubbing from a full foot fin or keep the feet a bit warmer and comfortable in neoprene boots, to the Hotfoot, a drysuit sock with a water resistant outer layer, there is a fourth element solution to keeping the feet warm.

AVAILABLE SIZES: S (5-6), M (7-8), L (9-10), XL (11-12), XXL (13-14) (UK SIZES)

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    Hotfoot Drysuit Socks

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    Finsock Wetsuit Socks

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    Arctic Drysuit Socks

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    Xerotherm Drysuit Socks

Hoods - Sizing

Use the table below as a guide to help select the correct size hood. If you require any further assistance/advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

size chart

サイズ 頭囲
XS/S 48 - 51cm
Small 51 - 53cm
Medium 53 - 56cm
Large 56 - 59cm
X-Large 59 - 61cm
XX-Large 61 - 64cm